Our Strength Journeys.

Strengths Journeys uses a strengths-based approach in all its coaching but goes beyond CSF training to also serve individuals and teams holistically in the following areas:

Clifton Strength Finder programs and sessions, values, vision & mission, team health, facilitation and strategic planning

Individual Journey

Clifton Strength Finder awareness sessions and coaching for individuals

Couples Journey

Clifton Strengths Finder awareness sessions and coaching for couples

Journeys in Africa

Our full bouquet of coaching services delivered for teams while journeying to some of Africa’s finest safari and beach destinations.

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Linet Misiko
Chief Operating Officer, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association

Coach Brad did an excellent job in getting me to see how my strengths define who l am and how to utilize them to make me stronger and a more effective leader. What I found most valuable was that based on my strengths, I am well placed to do the job that I am doing and that I should lean on my strengths.

Joan Momanyi
Senior Program Manager, CORDIO East Africa

My strengths awareness session with Coach Brad was informative, reflective and eye opening. What was most valuable from the session was understanding how my strengths can have a positive impact but without awareness or putting in the effort, they could have a negative impact.

David Kimiti
Director of Research and Impact, Grevy Zebra Trust

I found the Clifton Strengths assessment to be more organic and less about fitting people in boxes but more about painting a picture of how individuals operate and make decisions. I found myself better understanding the decision-making process behind the workflow of many of my colleagues, and how to best utilize their strengths to complement mine and vice-versa. I am now able to view interactions and work experiences through a different and broader lens, helping me to become a better colleague and team leader. The tool has been so helpful that I have gone further than our initial institutional scope and sought to access my entire Clifton Strengths 34 report in order to better understand my own entire suit of strengths. I highly recommend this tool to professionals that work within a diverse group and are interested in understanding the working styles of different team members in order to better assign tasks and responsibilities and avoid unnecessary friction.

Cara Scott
Coordinator - Organizational & Leadership Development, Maliasili

Despite having read my Strengths reports, it wasn’t until I had my strengths coaching sessions with Coach Carmen that I was able to really understand how my strengths show up in the day-to-day and their dynamic interactions. I was also able to see where some of my strengths were being mismanaged and how I could work on maximizing other, more neglected strengths. They were eye-opening sessions that I still refer back to regularly. The team session was really valuable because it gave me insights into my colleagues and our teams that have proved helpful. I now have a better understanding of our team culture and I am more sensitive on how to work with, rather than against, my colleagues' strengths.

Joy Rukundo
Marketing and Communication, Persistent Energy

We had an amazing time during the Strengths Journeys Training. The individual sessions were quite insightful, but when we had the team session, we really started to understand each other on a deeper level. It connected us not only as a team but also as strong individuals who are there to support each other. It was a great learning experience which will have a huge impact while we are growing as a team and company.

Barry Rawlings
Managing Director, EDU Africa

Strengthsfinder, as facilitated by the Strengths Journeys team is truly exceptional. Having experienced a variety of personal development, strengths, personal style and personality type tools over the years, I can confidently say that Strengthsfinder easily stands out as having been the most impactful. Not only has it given me a deep and practical understanding of myself but it has equipped me with the tools to better understand and relate to others in a way that will both serve and bring out the best in them. I highly recommend it, without hesitation to any individual, prospective new recruit, married couple or business team.

Mbonisi Malaba
Lead Pastor, OneTribe Church, Nairobi

I simply can not recommend Strengths Journeys highly enough. The world-class input made available from the Strengths Journeys trainers has immensely and positively shaped how we think and act as a team. The team trainings were inspiring and instructive and greatly assisted us in our understanding both of ourselves and of one another. The individual coaching times pointed me to where and how I can leverage my unique and most impactful contribution for the greater good. This is one of the best investments, we have made in ourselves as a team!


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